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Steve Kadas CEO, Weblock

Why should you work with me?

Move forward, overtake your rivals
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Sleek, minimalist UI / UX design, business website and web store design, creation, analysis.

As an experienced UI / UX designer, I am able to proactively guide the design process, from consultation to delivery.

Strategy-based thinking

I was present at the birth of a lot of websites and web applications. My strengths are web interface design, standard responsive web design, web application design, and related consulting.

Sleek, minimalist style

As a UI / UX designer, I have been inspired by the refined Western web design style from the beginning of my career and have been inspired to this day. Currently, the frost-free, minimalist design is closest to me and I am consciously trying to orient in this direction.

Continuous development

Continuous learning and training are the basis of everything. As a freelance UI / UX designer, I pay special attention to the continuous training of myself in the professional fields that I consider important. I am currently training myself in the design of user experience based interfaces (UI / UX design), something in the field of web store design (Eccommerce design) that I am interested in lately.

Maximalist attitude

I am a maximalist at work, my plans are accurate and standard. I am in touch with the best professionals in the country, so I can find a solution for almost anything, from consulting to the most complex design challenge. I currently live in London, UK, but I can work anywhere where I have a desk and a Wi-Fi connection. My work equipment is demanding, I work exclusively with Apple products.

Let’s work together!

If you have any questions, be it a simple request for information, cooperation, or a business inquiry, I am at your disposal. Introducing myself, Introducing myself, Introducing myself,Introducing myself

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