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We will reveal to you the costs of creating a website, don’t let yourself be cheated! What to look for when comparing website design quotes?

How to choose a good domain name?
It is a good idea to reserve a domain name at the beginning of creating a website. This is a minimal amount compared to website creation prices. Choose a domain name that is talkative and about your business.

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The domain has to be paid for annually, so it is more of a fixed cost, so it may be worthwhile to treat website creation separately from prices.

It is important to pay attention to the following before domain registration:

Always register the domain in your own name and never in the name of the website development company!

There have been many abuses of this. This is because the domain name is in the name of the person who has it, not the one who uses it! You don’t even write your apartment in the name of the real estate company, the address of your website must be protected in the same way! You can save yourself a lot of nasty things if you pay attention to it!
Deciding on a domain name is the first step in creating a website, as the website being created will be built on that.

Another element of web page creation prices is the hosting fee. Website hosting fees can depend on several factors. Years ago, “database-free” websites with 2-3 linked menus were created, which ran on free or penny hosting sites. Today, however, the common “standard equipment” of websites is the need for messaging, newsletters, webshops, image galleries, that is, database storage.


General Information

This is something to look out for when comparing website design prices in your bids.

You must have come across a website where we could read “unsafe” in the browser.
SSL certificate

Well, this means that the communication between the computer’s browser and the server running the website is “eavesdropping”, i.e. the information (e.g. personal data) is not transmitted through an encrypted channel.

Information running on secure channels is secure, which can be personal data (eg phone number, name, email address in the case of a request for quotation) or the username and password of the admin interface, which can be life-threatening in unauthorized hands.

Websites that have an SSL certificate are secure, so data is protected, making the website less hackable. Where an SSL certificate is missing, protection is not a cost, but it is more risky for both the visitor and the website owner.

There is also free SSL, but there is a small risk in that it is not always possible to renew automatically, and if it fails for some reason, the website will not be available for weeks, so a lost purchase / request for quotation can cause hundreds of thousands of damage. We’ve been this way before, we’ve already burned ourselves with free (no consequences, no support) SSL providers, so it’s like everything that’s free – forget it for businesses.

It moves on a very wide scale. What factors make up the price of a website? Ask for a quote where the website builder lists the items in the quote item by item. This is the only way to decide how much it will cost, and this is the only way to compare many different quotes. So you should ask for offers for business websites, professionally broken down and showing the details of website creation!

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This is the graphics or design. First, you need to create the look of your website. This includes the images displayed, the graphics of the menu items, the buttons, and the shape in which the actual content will be molded. The price of creating a website must guarantee the legal purity of the elements used. This is important because images that can be found on the Internet may not be usable due to copyright exists.

The engine of the website is what manages the pages (menu items). With the corresponding administrative interface, you will be able to edit the content of the website from your own computer, with basic word processing knowledge. The website can consist of any number of subpages, and you should not deal with quotes that ask for money per subpage (eg: 5 subpage websites, 10 subpage websites, etc.). If the website does not have an engine, it certainly does not have an administration interface, so it cannot be edited manually. We have already seen that a separate price has been set for the administration interface by the website builder, so always ask for it!

That, in turn, always costs heavily (so website development prices can skyrocket in the long run), and updating usually takes days! This is also an important factor when considering website creation costs and prices! Never accept a construction where you have to pay per subpage (menu item), such a price or item is not correct and frivolous! This freedom of how many menu items will be on the website, should be yours.

These are the parts of the website that perform functions. Their prices vary. Such modules can be: newsletter manager, news module, security / registration interface, image gallery, online application, web store, blog, etc.
Best Wordpress plugins

Here, in addition to the prices, let’s also enter the possible functions in the price offer, as this is the only way to compare two website creation price offers! A typical example of a module is a web store. There are many types of web stores in the market.

How much we give for it depends on what features we need. Only ask for modules that you have specific plans with. Just asking for a blog module to be there, but for 1 year there will be no article uploaded to it, it doesn’t make much sense. So before creating a website, think about what you want, what marketing tools you want to use. You should always assign website features to this. But you can also discuss this with the website builder, and thinking together can lead to the ideal end result.

The modules can also be retrofitted, so you don’t have to buy everything at once.

Website design prices mostly depend on this, on the functions and modules! So you have to be really careful about this part!

2018. May 25, 2018 Since 2001, the level of data protection in Europe has increased and the GDPR Regulation has been introduced. The protection of personal data is important, but it has become a slightly over-regulated regulation that is worth complying with.


Don’t risk the penalty, but consider compiling a privacy statement as an essential element of website design pricing. Count this way!

You can create a GDPR privacy statement:

  • with a data protection expert
  • with a lawyer

A third solution is self-creation, which I do not recommend because it will either be exhausted by taking down someone else, which is a simple theft, or by creating a privacy notice that is an invitation to the authorities to circulate.

A lot of people don’t even think about when designing a website that the website needs to be provided with both textual and pictorial content. The first thought is how the website should be structured, what it should look like, the colours, the layout. When it’s done, you’ll be faced with the otherwise obvious fact that it’s okay, but now you should have content on it as well.

Businesswoman in suit writing in notebook outdoor

Entrepreneurs often make the mistake of clashing the content of a website, knowing it down in a few sentences, or copying the text of a competition. The question then is: why did you cut into the website design, if you want to get away with the point, the exact detailed information?

The textual content of the website is an extremely important element of the website, so for this you have either time or money, but you should definitely sacrifice it when creating the website.

If you understand something, if you have thoughts, have something to say about their business, business, or products, describe it. It’s also okay if you feel that you can’t write website text in the right quality, you don’t have the ability to do it, in which case you should turn to copywriters.

Website copywriting is a service in addition to website creation that can be used at an affordable price today, and let’s not forget, a website consists not only of colours and buttons, but also of textual and visual content. Moreover, this is the point, the rest is just packaging. Produce abundant, informative, orienteering content to provide the visitor with as much information as possible to help make a consumer decision.

How does copywriting affect the cost of creating a website? This depends on the content needs of the website.

It is advisable to agree on a character fee only with the copywriter, ie if you have to rewrite certain parts 2-3 times because the direction or style is not right, they should not increase the cost of creating a website, only the content that will actually be posted to the website.

Not only textual content can be found on websites, but also pictorial content. Whatever your business, pictorial illustrations are part of communication, so it’s worth emphasizing the use of lifelike, entrepreneurial images when designing a website.

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Our image content can be diverse. We will now take a look at the most common sources for obtaining images.

Stock photos:

  • advantage: cheap and legal
  • downside: not really authentic, cliché

There are websites where you can buy photos for a few dollars, from a legal source, using them freely. You can find the most relevant photos on these websites with a free word search. Photographers from all over the world upload photos so that anyone can use them legally for a small amount. This way, you can offer a simple and fast solution even when creating a website. This is called Stock Photos. That are, pictures that are not made for you / about you, but if you fit in with your business, you can use them for a few pounds.

The advantages are therefore favourable price and legal use. The downside, however, is that anyone else can use the same photo if they buy it, and every stock photo shows that it’s not really about our business, it’s not taken in our microenvironment. I am thinking here of a handshake photo with skyscrapers in the background, or a choice made on a construction site with yellow headgear typical of contractors, let’s admit that the usual website visitor does not have a micro-environmental image, which hinders trust. That is why I have classified the images on the website here, among the costs of creating the website.

My photos taken with my mobile phone:

  • advantage: high level of trust, because of authentic photos and also does not cost money
  • disadvantage: the quality or composition is not always appropriate, possibly amateurish

Your own photos always work much better on a website than stock photos. Even if it’s just pictures taken with a mobile phone. A gardening reference, an exterior or interior image of a factory building, a photograph of a vehicle, or construction phases or references can be solved with this method. In some cases, cell phone photos can work perfectly on websites, so they can be used effectively during website creation. And the cost of creating a website is NOT increased. This is so great if you have the time and energy for it. Yeah, we’re here again, or you do it or you pay and someone else does it for you.

However, this method should not be used for product photography for webshops or food photography for restaurants. For these purposes, you already need special lighting, noiseless, perfect photos.

Own photos with the help of a professional photographer:

  • advantage: authentic images, high level of trust, the product or service sells itself
  • Disadvantage: not free

Your own professional photos are the perfect and demanding solution. Why? Because the photographer also pays attention to things you may not be able to pay attention to when taking photos. The photographer will watch the whole composition, i.e. he will pack a trash can or empty bottles in the background, he will photograph the product, building, vehicle, from the best angle, at the best distance and in the best lighting. This way, these photos will work much better on the website. He sees this at idle, and you’ll notice it when you’re already looking at the photos you’ve taken on your laptop in the evening and you’re annoyed that you can start all over again the next day. Images taken by the photographer will not be noisy but will be needle sharp. The colours will vibrate, and by choosing the right lens, the subject will appear in the photo in the most impressive way.

By photographing buildings or hotel rooms with an extra wide-angle lens, we can portray larger, more imposing ones in a way that we don’t lie. We can show the products to the visitors in perfect detail using the right lighting technique.

It is not worth saving on this, an image photo or product photo should be included in the website creation prices.

Uploading the content of the website, ie placing it on the website

Here is another factor that can certainly affect the cost of creating a website. It needs to be clarified whether the price includes uploading the content to the website, or if the website development company undertakes to do so if required. If there is an administrative interface to the website, you can upload the text you write to the website, but if you still entrust the uploading of the first content to a professional, will the website creator upload it to the website, and if so, for what fee?

These are not always covered in the offer, which is why it is necessary to clarify what is included in the price and what is not included in it! Do you get instruction on how to use the administration interface, or are just a user manual pdf file pressed into your face? Requests of this kind can significantly affect the prices of website development in retrospect!

So find out with your chosen website builder what their position is on uploading content and what the options are?

This way, uploading the content of the website is not a time-consuming task, but it is uploaded by a professional, tastefully and professionally, in a fraction of the time it would cost you.

If the website has an administrative interface (this should be basic now), then you can also upload the content, texts and images intended for the website, the question is whether this training is included in the price of creating the website, and it is worth mentioning that is the administration interface is in English or in an other preferred language? Not everyone copes well with the English language, especially in an area that is unknown to him, even in his native language.

The other issue is that if you don’t have time to upload content, you can trust the website builder with it, but it should be your choice and there should be no compulsion at all.

Search engine optimization consists of 3 areas:

  • arranging the technical data of the website
  • ensuring the appropriate quantity and quality of textual content on the website
  • get good quality pointing links (quality is what matters, not quantity)
Általános tudnivalók

These are inseparable and require a different amount of work for each website, so this cost cannot be calculated accurately in advance for website creation prices. Still, I listed it here because if you are creating a website, it is search engine optimization (SEO) – that should be the basis today. So while SEO is not directly part of website design pricing, you have to reckon with it, sooner or later, if you want to profit from your website.

What can a simple entrepreneur do in the website development phase if he wants to anticipate the path to success in search engine optimization? The ranking of each web page in Google search depends on its own competitors, that is, how strong the others appear on the keywords in question. This can be mapped accurately, right during website development.

This is what we call an SEO competition study.
In short, it’s about looking at the 3 aspects on the side of the strongest competitors that most influence search engine optimization.

That is:

  • gaps and strengths in the technical specifications of competing websites
  • the textual content of competing websites (also examining how much unique content is available and how much content can be found elsewhere)
  • we will tell you exactly where good quality links point to, i.e. we will review their link building structure

All of this is detailed in a report written in plain language, which is ultimately an e-book about the search engine optimization strategy behind your competitors. From then on, it is up to you to determine how many visitors you want to capture from your current competitors once your website is up and running.


Let’s work together!

If you have any questions, be it a simple request for information, cooperation, or a business inquiry, I am at your disposal.